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Star Quartz or Hollandite in quartz
Star quartz or hollandite in quartz

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Approx Size 3.6cm x 3cm x 2.4cm.

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Star quartz or hollandite in quartz from madagascar. Approx Size 3.6cm x 1.7cm x 1.5cm. Item in the photo is the actual crystal you will receive.
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  • The tiny black coloured stars in these Quartz crystals are incredibly powerful & potent - for those who choose to connect with Hollandite you can often find the connection to your Guides becomes stronger & clearer.

    The understanding you have on a conscious level that relates to your purpose & the lessons you have come here to master can also become much more tangible.

    Perception of your true self, your abilities & perfection can also rise to the surface, thus allowing one to remove themselves from views based on illusion & fear. We can see more clearly & truthfully that which we are. Feelings of completion & oneness can also be felt. Knowing we are but a single part of something much bigger.

    Connection to be stars, star beings & the Universe are also energies that are frequently felt.

    The mineral composition of Hollandite also supports one to remain stable & grounded, therefore finer & higher frequencies & Vibrations are often detected in meditation & during spiritual connection.

    A super crystal for those seeking to further develop spiritually

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